Equine Physiotherapy

Veterinary referral must be obtained from your vets prior to any treatment (this ensures adherence to section 19 and 20 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996 and exemptions order 2015).

Please download a copy of the Vet Consent Form, and ask your animals current Vet to complete and return to Sophie prior to our treatment. Thank you!


>> Musculoskeletal pain
>> Soft tissue assymetry
>> Muscle, tendon, ligament injuries (i.e. Proximal suspensory desmitis (PSD), & Sacroiliac conditions
>> Joint conditions (i.e. osteoarthritis)
>> Drop in performance levels (i.e. reduced impulsion, difficulty executing transitions, assymetrical suppleness, reluctant to go forwards etc.)
>> Uncharacteristic behaviour (i.e. napping, lethargic, tensing etc.)
>> Pre- and/or post- op support


>> Reduce pain
>> Reduce & manage inflammation
>> Maximise joint range of motion &  joint health
>> Stimulate & enhance soft tissue healing & maximise quality of repair
>> Reduce scar tissue (fibrotic myopathies)
>> Achieve greater postural symmetry (flexibility, strengthening & core strength)
>> Neuromuscular activity stimulation & retraining
>> Enhance function & support return to normal activity
>> Optimise performance levels
>> Optimise proproception, agility & coordination
>> Gait retraining
>> Pre- and/or post- op support (i.e preserve muscle mass & joint health)

Equine Price List

Initial Assessment & Treatment £50 (~1 hr 30 mins)

Follow Up Treatment £45 (~1 hr)

**10% Discount for the third+ horse at the same yard**

P.N. Travel costs apply for clients over 15 miles from CV35 8BU @ 50p per mile