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January 16th 2019, Mandy Howells & Georgie
I purchased my Mare Georgie as an older horse required as a quiet hack and a companion for my daughters Mare. She was advertised as a school mistress with a lot of experience and a kind nature. Due to health issues I had stressed the importance of a sensible safe ride. I purchased her after a 2 stage vetting as I felt at 19 years of age a 5 stage vetting was not required.  I was very happy as I felt I had found a suitable Mare for me to ride.
Georgie unfortunately from purchase began to display  certain behaviours of rushing off in a headless gallop when asked to canter and would not soften or bend in trot.  I did not realise at first that the problem  was due to pain and a long standing back issue.
After only  3 weeks from purchase she erupted into a full blown rodeo.  The saddler came and examined the saddle that I had purchased with her and felt it was causing her to have back pain.
The vet also came out and also a Mctimony Chiropractor. They both assessed and treated Georgie at that time. Two weeks of rest and bute did not improve her obvious painful back and locked back muscles.
Sophie then came out and did a thorough assessment of Georgie and I was very impressed with her detailed written report  stating all the areas where Georgie had pain and giving a plan of treatment.
Sophie then visited Georgie on numerous occasions over the next few months giving excellent physio treatment. Each time observing how Georgie was moving and behaving whilst being long reined and lunged.
Georgie had her back xrayed and injections were carried out by the vet.  Sophie liased with the vet and came up with a really good post injections rehab plan of exercise, stretches and left a Tens machine for me to carry out daily exercise and treatment.
After 3 months of hard work by the vet, Sophie and Georgie I am delighted to say that Georgie is now coping well with ridden work.  I would like to thank Sophie for her excellent care and treatment of Georgie and also for being so caring and supportive during a very stressful and worrying time.